47 Ways To Grow Your Website Traffic

Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest responsibilities that you have is to make sure that your website is getting the right amount of exposure online. You don’t have a huge amount of budget that your biggest competitors in the industry might have and you also do not have a team of marketers that can help you in making your business known by all your target customers. So how can a small business like yours get more web traffic? The following tips will let you know how to get started to grow your website:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an excellent promotion tool that you can use whether you are from the B2C or B2B industry. But, are you aware that you could set up remarketing audiences on Facebook? Through installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your website, you may continue marketing to those people who visited your website. It is an excellent way of creating return web traffic to your website or business blog. Also, you can get started in remarketing to your target audiences for a minimum of 100 visitors.

Here, you can start using Facebook Ads. It is something that can boost your reach to targeted audiences and fans. Use Facebook Ads to get your blog updates seen and to drive traffic from Facebook directly to your website or blog. You can make use of what Facebook has used for calling promoted posts to target all your blog updates to your fans and to their friends on Facebook.

Facebook Ads look like huge and clickable images in the New Feeds on mobile devices and desktops. These are optimized to get more clients directly to your website with exclusive offers, exclusive content and product sales.

Facebook Email Custom Audiences

With Facebook, you could also give your email list another life. Rather than simply using this for blasting emails to your clients once in a while, you could upload the list to Facebook and catch the social account of anybody who has or her email address connected to it. This will be a major benefit since it can let you market to those Facebook users through their mobile gadgets.

To better promote your products, services, and your business to your target customers, you should consider getting your Facebook friends’ email addresses and start introducing you and your business to them. With perseverance and confidence that it will work, you will be able to finally convince them to have a visit on your website to know more about what you offer.

Twitter Remarketing

Twitter remarketing is also known as retargeting or remarketing as some people call this. It is the second opportunity you have in which you have the chance to pursue and increase sales for your company. These are the most efficient recent marketing strategies & the reason why a transaction is marked by those cookies of the page when a user visits a website but doesn’t buy a service or product.

With it, you could find out and tell who it is & where he or she is & you could show them your advertisements while they are navigating on the web so that you end up persuading them to purchase your product. Twitter remarketing is working in nearly the same manner as Facebook remarketing. Just connect the pixel and you can already target your website visitors on Twitter. The major difference is that Twitter would demand a higher minutest audience count before you could begin advertising towards them – 500 individuals to be exact.

Twitter Custom Viewers

Just the same with Facebook, you could target Twitter users on their mobile devices through uploading their emails to Twitter. On the other hand, when you can’t get even 500 users onto your custom audience over the email upload, you will not be able to get the needed minimum to market towards them.

If you have friends on Facebook who have Twitter accounts then it will be best if you can also target them. The only problem is that you need to gather at least 500 users who have accounts on Twitter so that you can get started in marketing your products or services to them.

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards is a very excellent tool that can help you generate and drive traffic to your website. These are bigger tweets which incorporate images & let you have buttons that are created in the tweet. They let users get an engaging and persuasive call to action, eye-catchy and attention-grabbing images right within the stream and you could even provide them with special functions such as having downloads that are attached straight to the tweet.

With Twitter Cards, you can instantly attach rich pictures, videos as well as media experiences to your tweets, helping to generate traffic to your website or blog. All you have to do is to add some lines of the markup to your web page and those Twitter users who will tweet links to your website or content would get a “Card” included to the tweet which will be seen by their followers. Any tweet that comes with images can get 18% more clicks compared to text counterparts of it. So, you have to make sure that you use Twitter Cards starting today. You will be surely glad that you did.

Spend 80% of Your Precious Time in the Ad’s Headline

Are you aware that 8 out of 10 individuals would read a headline and will stop and won’t be willing to read the rest of an advertisement? If you think this kind of situation is happening to you, then you should think about spending most of your precious time in making the headline of your ad attention-grabbing and perfect for the eyes of your target audience. A hot and persuasive headline is one thing that can help you a lot in driving traffic to your website

Excellent ad headlines are like those flashy displays which you could see in the store windows each day. They are here to stop people in their tracks, making them picture themselves owning whatever it is they are selling and persuade them to cross over the mental threshold then walk into the store to make a purchase of it. Whether you are running ads in LinkedIn, Facebook, Pay-Per-Click or Twitter, ensure that your headlines are attention grabbing.

Write Irresistible Headlines

Headlines are among the most important areas of your website content. With no compelling headline, even the most complete blog post would go unread. You have to practice and be an expert in headline writing. You can get started by writing 10 to 20 different headlines and in the end, choose the one that would drive massive web traffic. So, the next time you create an ad, be sure that you give time to think about the headline and figure out whether it is enough or not before hitting “publish”.

Create Your Email List

You can use emails for your social promotion purpose, yet they are also a great tool that can help you a lot in driving web traffic over the newsletter. Ensure that you have the newsletter opt-in on your site. You can make use of any great tool intended for this particular purpose. It is totally free and it is very simple to set up.

It is always possible for one to be able to create an email list right from scratch. You would be able to find ways and tips on how to get this done. With your email list, you can get started in establishing relationships with those people who show interest in your preferred niche. It can help you generate downloads, purchases of Kindle e-books and reviews.


One of the best and popular ways of driving traffic is to get started in blogging. If you have the passion for writing then why don’t you use your spare time in writing something to be posted on your website? In that way, you are helping your website to have more and more visitors almost each day. Blogging is really effective when it comes to web traffic generation. If there is a blog section on your website, make sure that you publish new content on that page every now and then. It does not mean that you should have something new to publish every day, but having two or three every week will be fine. By doing that, rest assured that you will see a major difference between the numbers of people who visit your website each day.

Blog Promotion on Facebook

You might have known that Facebook cut back on their natural reach. It means that nearly nobody will see your social media posts on Facebook. Rather, you have to put a bit of budget at the back of them. One great strategy is to have a campaign which consistently runs and features your blog posts and targets the campaign to your custom audience & remarketing audience as defined previously.

Optimize Your Website for SEO

Attempting to manipulate the search engine ranks is the losing proposition in this present time. Rather, what you must be concerned with is to make your website look as great as possible for those search engine robots that would be crawling to your website. Your attempt to manipulate the search engine ranks is the losing proposition so far. There are some software programs out there that will provide you a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization audit and will show you what you must fix. Spending precious time on the SEO optimization of your website is time well spent at all times.

Think about On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Do you think that SEO is dead? If you say so, you should think about that again. Optimizing your website content for different search engines remains to be a worthwhile and valuable practice. Do you prefer image alt text? Did you create internal links to brand new content? Do you think about the Meta descriptions? Optimizing for the on-page search engine optimization does not need to take ages, and it can help a lot in boosting your organic traffic that is going to your website.

Target Long-Tail Key Phrases and Keywords

Did you get your high commercial intent keywords covered? Perhaps, you might be using keywords that are very common and are also used by most of your competitors. For this reason, you should stop and pay attention to using long-tailed key phrases and keywords. The long-tail keywords do account for most of the web searches and that means when you are not targeting and consider them as part of a paid search, or your SEO efforts then you are missing out something that is very important.

Mix This Up

There’s no magic formula for the success in content marketing, no matter what some will have you believe. For this particular reason, you should consider varying the content as well as the format of it in order to make this as good and appealing as possible to various types of readers. News-based and intersperse shorter blogs with long-form content, video, data-driven pieces and infographics for superior impact.

Begin with Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is not dead, in spite of how many times you have heard it. If there is someone who has been asking you to give permission to post a blog to your website that he or she wrote, you should consider saying yes to that person. Guest blogging is not bad and it will benefit not just the website of the person who posted a guest post to your blog, but it will also benefit you at the same time. Both your website and the website of that person will be exposed every now and then. You just have to be careful when doing guest posting, though.

Securing a guest blog post on a reliable website can boost blog traffic to your own website and it can really help a lot in building and establishing your brand onto the bargain. Although, you should be careful and remember that the standards for guest blogging have changed radically throughout the previous 18 months and the spammy tactics can lead to stiff penalties. You should continue with caution.

Invite other People to Guest Blog on your Website

Guest blogging is considered as a two-way approach. Apart from posting website content to other blogs, it is also important to invite people into your niche to blog on your own website. They are likely to link and share to their guest article, which could attract new readers to your website. Make sure that you only post original, unique and high-quality content with no spammy links since Google is cracking down on low-quality guest blogging.

Go for Referral Traffic

Instead of persuading other websites to link back to you which is a time-consuming and tedious process, the best thing you can do is to create content that just begs to be linked to. Before doing this, make sure that you have a complete understanding of the different types of links before sending referral traffic.

Exchange Blog Posts with other Websites

It is said to be that syndicating your blog on other websites is an excellent way to get new readers to your website. The best way to do this is to search for blog posts that are in a similar industry as you and that is in a similar situation when it comes to audience and size. The next thing to do is to reach out to their website administrator or editor and ask if they would like to swap blog articles and take turns featuring each other’s blog posts and link back to the website. But be sure to take special measures to avoid duplicate posts but this is an excellent way to get new readers to your website.

Automate your Emails

Marketing automation has been adopted by 3-5% of all the businesses. This number is higher if you look at bigger companies but this list is trying to help smaller companies to compete with larger brethren. Why you are not utilizing marketing automation? Is it because the expenses were prohibitive or it is too daunting? However there is a big help with that. Today, there are lots of cheap costs marketing automation that are perfect for small industry. It is also important to find a professional partner that can greatly help you to waive the fees that cost a huge amount of money. Once you have software, the next important thing that you should take into account is to have your email campaigns. It is highly recommended to have an automatic email campaign once someone downloads content, fill out a certain form and sign up for your newsletter. By staying in front of your clients through email, you can be sure that you will continue to get traffic to your website.

Become a Contributor

It is true that contributing to other sites is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your website. Try to write for different media website and while it may not easily result in immediate customers, the perks are felt throughout the organization. You will see that your referral traffic from these websites is a big bonus. If you want to become a contributor, you should start small and work your way up. It is also important to sharpen your craft in terms of writing. In order for you to do this, you need to write every day. The more articles you write, the better your chances will be at becoming a successful contributor.

Make a Quiz

It is true that quizzes are fun pieces of content that works well at driving engagement with your valued visitors. In addition to this, they are a sure bet to promote on social media with the use of proven techniques. In the present time, there are sites that allow you to make free quizzes that you can post on your blog and impel traffic to your website.

Host a Webcast or Webinar

Regardless of your industry, there is a topic that you have enough expertise that you would like to tackle. The technique is to identify this topic and create an engaging and fun presentation. It is highly recommended that you make a phenomenal guide on webinar.

Build a Podcast

If you are worried that you can’t present to your live audiences or develop the right message, consider to build a podcast. Podcasts are excellent ways of distributing your expertise and at the same time it is surefire approach of driving traffic to your website but you should be consistent in promoting it. Once you start, it seems like you are chatting into a hole and no one listens to you. But once you stay determined and carefully promote the podcast on social network, your viewers will grow and you will also gain new listeners. Another helpful tip if you want to get a boost in your podcast viewers is to invite a guest that has a huge social following and ask them to help you promote your podcast.

Find Certified Partners in your Industry

There are lots of partnership opportunities for any type of business. The technique is to find those certified partners and set up a good working relationship. You can partner with a reliable landing page creation software that helps different companies to optimize their marketing campaigns. Some of them offer free sign up and they will feature you in their partner section. You will be surprised that you are getting leads from their website and it is been an excellent source of traffic for your website.

Post Web Content to Linkedln

For those people who want to find a job, Linkedln is the perfect site to visit. It is considered as the biggest professional social network especially when it comes to publishing platform. If you want to grow your website traffic, all you have to do is to post website content on their site every day. By simply doing this, you can grow the traffic to the website.

Implement the Schema Microdata

Implementing schema won’t increase traffic to your site but it will make it easier for search engine bots to find and index your website pages. Another excellent benefit of implementing schema for SEO is that it can result in excellent website snippets, which can boost click-through rates.


Yahoo Answers

This is a service that is being offered by Yahoo. It allows people to ask any type of question while others answer. When enough answers are collected, one is selected as the best answer and it is placed at the top of the page so everyone can view it. There are lots of people who use Yahoo Answers every single day and no matter what your niche market is, there is a category for it. For example, you have a computer repair blog. You will want to go to Yahoo Answers, go to computers category and answer questions there. Select the categories that fit your niche, answer questions and include your website or blog URL in your profile. There is also a source box that allows you to input the website where you found your answer information from. When you have answered a lot of questions, and some have been chosen as the best answer, you will receive targeted traffic from Yahoo Answers. This creates excellent traffic to your website and can also create a network of people who share the same interests. Yahoo Answers appears in search results from places like Google.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is an excellent way to increase your site traffic and you will have a great chance to help others, meet people with similar interests and discuss various topics. The best thing you can do is to search for forums that are related to your site category. Then, register for them and start posting. Don’t just join a forum and start spamming since you will either be flagged as spam or ignored. The main point is to participate in other forums and share your ideas with other who share the same interests as you. This will create loyal visitors and can turn those individuals into clients if you own a certain business. You can also begin your own topics for discussion but be sure that you stick to your subject. Forum posting helps you to gain traffic since every forum requests you to include your signature and this is what gives you traffic. A signature is an image or text that is displayed below your post or name. You can include your site URL in the signature so that others will directly see it when viewing your post. If a forum doesn’t allow signatures, just include you site URL in your profile.

Blog Commenting

This is a simple and easy thing to do and it is proven effective over the past few years. The first thing that you need to do is to find blogs that relate to your niche market. For instance, if your niche blog is shopping, search for shopping blogs. When you do a search for shopping blogs, go through each one and find some interest posts and comment on them. Be sure that your comments are good and explains the topic, so that other will read them. You can also include your website and name, so that when you comment, that information will be shown. This is an effective way to participate in other blog communities and to increase targeted traffic.

Create High Quality Content

No matter what your website or blog is about, the same rule applies and that rule is “Content is King”. Content is the number one factor in terms of having a successful website. Without this, you are nowhere and just left with visitors and a shell with nothing to look at. Make sure that you content is original and unique. Write topics that appeal to your targeted readers. It is also important that your post is correctly worded and easy to understand. Keep your readers interested so that they will want to continue reading and navigate through the rest of your website. If you feel that you are running out of brilliant ideas or you need a break from create new and fresh content, then ask others who are knowledgeable to help you out and do a guest post. This will keep unique material on your website and take a bit of work off your shoulders. You can also create a team of writers and expand your present website.


SEO or also known as Search Engine Optimization is a great way for webmasters to tweak their site so that they are able to rank higher in search engines, improve the visitor count, boost the quality in search engine results and allow the search engines to find their website faster. There are different ways to help your website with the use of SEO. It takes time and effort to completely understand every tool but with hard work and patience, you can improve your traffic. There are also SEO services that you can avail to do the work for you. If you want to get started with SEO, it is important that you are aware about SEO tools that are very useful for blog and website owners.

Prize Giveaways and Host Contests

This has always been around but it becomes even more popular with Twitter. Many people love free things and when that product or prize is cool and they want it, you will have their full attention. Giving away cash or free product in contest is an excellent way to build a buzz online. Perhaps, you have seen iPad giveaways on tech websites and have noticed that rate of response they acquire. If you can’t afford to give away expensive things, there are always great options for you. You can set a budget and think of a cool prize that relates to your website, then host a contest. Be sure that the contest is noticeable on all pages of your website. The most effective contest is through the use of social media since everyone and their friends will easily know about it. You can host a contest on your website but advertise it through Facebook and Twitter in order to capture the full attention of everyone. Make sure to clearly and carefully explain the contest rules.

Link Internally

Your link profile and its strength will not be determined by the number of sites link back to you. Moreover, it is somehow affected by the internal linking structure. Now, when you create and you publish content, you need to consider internal links in mind. This will help you when it comes to SEO and will result in a more useful and better experience. This will also be the cornerstone for you to increase the traffic back to your website.

Always remember that internal linking will have its essential role to play to your site. It also establishes the architecture and the spread of your site. It also refers to any of those links from a page in a domain and then which is linked to another page in the same domain. The good thing about it is that it helps build usability, page authority and connections between pages, rankings and user experience.

Interview Thought Leaders in the Industry

Do you think that interviews are only intended for all those big leaguers? If yes, then think again. You will simply be amazed on the number of people who will be willing to discuss to you something about how to increase traffic to your website. You only need to ask them. You may also send out email that highlights your request of an interview. That’s also simply before the thought leaders in the industry. Then, ask them if they will allow you to publish the interviews right through your blog. This will help you increase your traffic and your credibility, particularly your website. Moreover, the thought leader might share the content as well. Thus, this will help expand its reach. Just remember that when you interview a thought leader in the industry, it will help you more than you ever have expected.

Never Neglect Email Marketing

There are lots of businesses that usually concentrate more on attracting new customers. They usually do it by way of content marketing. They have an understanding of content as a king. But, the bad thing is that they forget thinking of traditional methods. In all those traditional methods, email marketing will be a powerful and strong tool to ever consider. When there’s a moderately successful email blast, you will expect of it to result in an increase in traffic of your website.

Nevertheless, you need to be very careful not to send emails that leave clients really, really pissed off. There’s no need to email them about every update in your business. You also never need to neglect the true power of word-of-mouth marketing. This is especially true to those people who start to enjoy your services or products. You need to send as well a friendly email reminder about a product or service. This will really help you to improve your website traffic.

Ensure your Website to be Responsive

Before, internet browsing was carried out on PC’s and desktops. But now, it’s entirely a lot different. More people are using their mobile devices just to have access on the web. With so many people who will visit your website, you need to ensure your website to be very responsive. It must also be comfortably viewable and accessible across a lot of devices. This will also include smaller Smartphones. Also, remember that a website that is responsive will reflect on your overall business or brand experience.

If you have just built a new website, the display on the page should change according to the size, from mobile to desktop. A responsive website will easily be viewed on devices. This will also ensure that your site is easily accessed by potential users.

Make It sure that Your Website is Fast

Almost all people, either customer or manager, will be upset when he or she opens up a webpage that waits thirty seconds to load. This will be an issue that you need to address head on. If your website will take several seconds, minutes to load, you will then expect for your bounce rate to be really, really high. Thus, you need to be sure that the pages will be technically optimized. It must be optimized more that include page structure, image file sizes, functionality of 3rd party plug-ins. When your site loads a lot faster, you will also expect better results.

With faster load times on your website, you will for sure get the impressive results to your business. Remember that speed will always be essential in the competitive market. It will help you gain more visitors and convert them into real buyers. With 1-second delay, it might mean losing your business to competitors and high abandonment rates.

Foster a Sense of Community

Why do you need to foster a sense of community on your website? This is because it helps you increase your traffic further. Remember that people would always want to speak true to their minds and always want to be heard. They also weigh in on subjects that they love and are passionate about. That is why you need to build a strong community into your website. This will fuel a conversation and will increase your website traffic. There’s also a need to implement a commenting system by way of 3rd-party solutions that include Disqus, Facebook comments. And, you need to create a dedicated forum for all of those visitors. You must also simply not forget it managing your community. This way, you will be assured to meet the standards of decorum.

You will also later on realize just how important it is to foster a sense of community. That’s why you need to consider this as one of the solutions to drive traffic back on your website.

Let Yourself Be Heard in the Comment Sections

Have you ever spend some time visiting several websites that are relevant to your business? Why not decide joining in and participating in the conversation? When you comment on this section, you need to expect that you do not provide for an immediate boost to the referral traffic immediately. But, you need to closely understand that it will help you to establish your name if you provide thought-provoking and insightful comments on industry sites and blogs. This will most certainly be a good way for you to get the buzz and get your name out there. This will further result to more traffic back to your site. You will need to remember that. The key essentials include quality, relevance and guest posting. Now, you need to be fully engaged with a lot of people in your niche. You must avoid it dropping them off spam links on some unrelated websites.

Examine the Analytics Data

Through analytics, it will help you further examine the visitor traffic to your website. You will also learn who they really are and what they are interested on. Google Analytics will always prove to be a very valuable source of data. This will help you learn more anything about the conceivable aspect of the site, from visitor demographics to popular pages.

Now, you will have to monitor your analytics data. You need to use this pertinent information to think of effective content and promotional strategies. You need to focus on the pages and posts that are staying popular among the viewers and readers. Also, you need to fully inspect the visitor data for you to keep in mind where, when and how the website traffic is coming from.

Start Getting Active on Social Media

You must always remember that it will never be enough for you to share content by way of social channels. You must actively participate in your community built. If you have a Facebook account, or Twitter account, you need to join in group discussions and you need to add on your comments. There must as well be relevant hashtags as well.

Now, if your audience is leaving comments on your Twitter or Facebook posts, might as well answer their questions. Also, engage well with all your readers. There is nothing that turns their attention than using social media. This can be used as an effective broadcast channel. But, always remember that you need to use it for what it is fully intended. And then, you need to interact more with your fan base.

Submit the Content to the Aggregator Sites

You will always need to keep it in mind not to spam Reddit and all other websites just so you can hit the referral traffic. That is simply due to the reason that it will never ever happen. There are those community members that include Reddit who are knowledgeable to spam and who are often disguised as legitimate links.

But, you need to pay attention to submit more links that audiences or viewers will consider to be genuinely useful and valuable. You need to be able to choose a more relevant subreddit. And then, you need to submit your content. Wait until website traffic gets in. Never ever forget it submitting content to the aggregator sites.

Incorporate Video as part of your Content Strategy

Content will always be the king. And, there is no question to that. Apart from it, text-based content will all be good. Nevertheless, video will serve as an essential asset to attract new and more visitors. This will also help you and for your site to be more engaging.

Information retention will always be higher when it comes to the use of visual materials than just a text. This only means to say that video marketing will be an excellent way for you to grab and then hold the attention of your audience. This will simply help you to boost the traffic back to your website.

Research more about the Competition

If you want to be at the edge of competition, you need to utilize BuzzSumo as software. This will help you check out and monitor what exactly your competitors are up to. This will help you aggregate the specific content of your site and monitor the social performance of your website. You will also be guided and be given with a hint on what topics resonate well with readers. More importantly, it helps you to further make the rounds on social media. You need to know what are those things or topics that people are interested the most. And then, you might just copy the content to bring more traffic back to your website.

Host Webinars

A lot of people have the interest to learn. In this regard, webinars will also prove to be an excellent way of imparting your wisdom to a waiting audience. You could further combine all these to an effective and efficient social promotion campaign.

Moreover, you need to understand it very well that webinars will be an essential way to increase your website traffic. You may choose sending out an email every week or even ahead of time. You may also remind yourself before the webinar. You need to archive the presentation for later viewing. You also need to promote webinars all throughout the social media. If you wonder just how a webinar helps you further, do more some research.

Attend Conferences

In any industry that you are in, you might attend some major conferences or conventions. These are somehow related to the business that you operate or manage. When you attend these events, you will realize that it is just pretty much a good idea. You need to speak at them which will give you an edge in the competition.

When you engage in a decent speaking/conversation, it will also be a one way to establish yourself. You can now be considered as a thought leader in the industry. And, this is a one way for you to gain much exposure for your website.

Well, now you already have learned more about the tips to increase your website traffic. You will need to keep them in mind as they can be a part of the success of your website. Now, there’s no turning back in considering all these for more website traffic!

Elijah Roberson