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With many websites that appear on the internet, there is a big competition on how you will have the best website. With so many software you need to have a good website, you might ask if there is a chance to make things simple. Do you want your website easy to manage, which do not sacrifice the quality and potential with performance? Then, all you need to do is join ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels is another software made to process the creation of various web pages easier and faster, which will not sacrifice the quality and performance. In order to have a web page host by ClickFunnels, you do not need to use many codes for a successful output. The software is design by the team of Russell Brunson and over the time, they improve for mature service.

Unlike the other competitors, ClickFunnels allows you to create pages that can stand-alone. The software talks about building many different kinds of marketing funnels. A funnel is a sequence of pages that appear on the screen when you are searching on the website.

ClickFunnels really is a web service, which allows your page in the website dedicated to the sales funnel. To make everything work easy with great flow, ClickFunnels offers all the tools to create your desire output. The pages that included are web hosting, email autoresponder software, landing page software, and much more. There is a membership fee in joining ClickFunnels but it’s cost effective and will give you satisfaction.


Split testing

David Ogilvy says, “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.” To have a good marketing of your business in the internet, regular testing is necessary. If you join ClickFunnels, will allow you to use one of their features so you can create A/B tests easily and see the performance of your website. With the use of ClickFunnels Split Test, will give you the exact variables and data which of part of your websites perform to its best and which part need some modifications. With over 108 types of split testing made by ClickFunnels, you will never have a bad testing.

Pre-build and high converting templates

If you are in the marketing and want to create your own web pages with content that will give your high SEO there is a company that offers more than what you need. ClickFunnels have a huge collecting of templates originally made to meet every sophisticated view of the clients. The template they have present reusable templates that well convert consistently.  Best of yet the templates they offer have the complete data then they will help you to get your best pick.

Drag and drop editor

Once you register to ClickFunnels, you can now create your desired website. With the aid of drag and drop tool you can choose the funnel that you prospect to convert and sell to a potential buyer. It called earing in a two way process. You can drag and drop videos image that you want to edit and place it in your website.

For many pages, creating a website there is a need to have a strong sense in coding so all of pages click with each other. In ClickFunnels do not require you to have codes and still your pages will look professional and beautiful.  Even with less knowledge in creating a web page, you will survive with the help of ClickFunnels.


The aim of these features is to replace your email provider. With the aid of Actionetics, you will have access to every email that opted in your listing. You can easily see in the email in ClickFunnels to the contact profile. The cool thing with this feature gives you a score with every lead that you have. You can also use this features to send many emails to your contacts with the email builder. The action funnels are one of many components that will give you the best effect in the marketing of your website pages.

This software of ClickFunnels allows you to manage your website that does not need to do more work. Just let the ClickFunnels to do the job with the email autoresponder software. When a user sends your website and email, ClickFunnels will send a message back based on the time interval you set.


One of the best features of ClickFunnels is to boost and increase the sales of your products by attracting the attention of visitors to invest in your affiliate program. The Backpack feature is a complete affiliate platform that will give many users to sell your products on the internet. With these features, you will surely catch the attention other pages to sell your product.

ClickFunnels backpacks will give you the best features and tool you can add to your affiliate program. Much of the features in the backpacks are affiliate links, banner ads, and email swipe copy. You will also give the chance to set up your affiliate payouts and monitor the performance of your affiliates.


For a business that engages other activity on the internet and wants to have a success with the marketing, it is necessary that you join the team now. First, ClickFunnels will be the one to design your entire funnel that will do you more productive with the sales and marketing. Here is the offer in the sales funnel that will convince you of the effect they will bring to your company.

Anyone can use ClickFunnels and build websites in just minutes

The main goal of the funnels is to gather emails, sell your products, host webinar, and create a website from scratch. If you are a member, there will be endless opportunity, tool, and themes that ClickFunnels will give to you so you can have a beautiful page. You will give the chance to configure your page to meet your ideas on how you want the page to look. With the entire template made to be a converter, your design will look professional and is compatible with most of the gadget’s screen.

Web page hosting

The advantage using ClickFunnels is the services it will give to the clients. You can have access to all the offer they got, one of it is the web hosting. You are allowed to host the entire content in your pages. ClickFunnels will let you experience the convenience because they offer services less with the hosting of your site and you manage it then you do not need to pay other company to do the hosting. Moreover, the testimonies of the clients say they are content with the services ClickFunnels offer.

Landing page software

If you are to create a website, the first thing that you will prospect is the landing page. As much as you want, your landing page to perform as efficiently as it can be. ClickFunnels help to create the landing page easier and will save a lot of time. With the innovation they impose in ClickFunnels will give you tools for you to design your sales pages base on your preference and the nature of your business. Here are the styles you can choose for your landing page:

  • Pre-made landing page
  • Opt-in lead capture funnel
  • Sales funnel
  • Webinar funnel
  • Auto webinar funnel
  • Membership funnel
  • Launch funnel
  • Custom funnel

Before you made a landing page, you can read the purpose of the following style to have a better understanding of what you are doing.  Doing so will give you the assurance that you are making the right decision on how your web page will look and perform.

Create an account free

With all the benefits, you can get in ClickFunnels having freebie is one of the best. As you can see, some of the competitors require a lengthy registration and excessive fees. Here at ClickFunnels, you can create your own web page in a cost-effective way.

Setting up segmentation and rules

ClickFunnels give you the power to set up the rules you want to observe in your website. Such as if you want your message be view by certain people in your website then you can set such rules. You can also set restriction to exploiters of your websites and web page. In addition, allows you to have segmentation with the contacts on your website with the location of the owner of such contact. With many of the benefits and features such as stated above, you can manage your website effectively and safely.

All-time technical support

For your entire problem in creating your website whether it is minimal or not, you can contact ClickFunnels support no matter what time. Compare to other competitors, ClickFunnels has a plan that receives priority customer support. You can reach them via chat support, email support, and phone support. They will give you the best solution to your entire problem at hand and give more bonuses to add to your website.

ClickFunnels affiliate programs

In terms of the communion you get in affiliate, ClickFunnels stands a little high among other competitors.  If you join, ClickFunnels affiliate program you will get 35% lifetime affiliate commission. Then the host of the affiliate will get 30% recurring rate for a lifetime. They offer too much, why you should put it on your mind all the offer you can surely have.

Feature ClickFunnels offers

When it comes to features, you do not need to look that far because they have it in them. They mix all the feature you can look for other competitors in much improved and unique way. That is the reason your website looks great as you expect with all the features and software you can get in ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels page builder

If you are using a website for your business, ClickFunnels is right for you. Since ClickFunnels is more of a market-specific, you can create websites that more like to look in the Instapage. Here are the best look and performance you can see for your sales funnel.

  • Lead Magnet
  • Tripwire
  • Core offer
  • Upsells
  • Conversions

These are the simple process that you can apply to your sales funnel and all of it can be seen in ClickFunnels they will give you the chance to have a better understanding of what you are doing by making it simpler so you can get the meaning why you are doing it.


Compare to other competitors in the industry, the monthly cost of ClickFunnels is $97 when other ranges in $197 to $297 for pro package. It is important that you know the cost and the services you will get once you join a platform. In terms of ClickFunnels, the cost is quite expensive; however, if you are going to base it to the services you can get you will say that it is still cost-effective. Here are the packages they offer to those that will join them in the future:

Standard Package

The standard package cost $ 97 per month. when you buy the package expect that you will give to have 20 funnel, 20K visitors, 100 pages, unlimited contacts and unlimited access to all features ClickFunnels offers.

Etison packages

Onn the other hand if you want to receive ultimate unlimited features from the Standard Package, Etison Package is right for you. Best of yet, you will be the priority full-time support, template request grant, visual email builder, actionetics, email management, action emails, send email based on location, autoresponder series, second broadcast emails, track opens and click and many other features. You are a marketing buddy and need to have an array of tools or your landing pages, Etison packages are right for you. The cost of this wonderful package is $297 per month if you want to have unlimited and be the priority choose the package.


If you want to try the innovation ClickFunnels, they offer a trial version so you can decide want is best for you. They also offer free classes so you can enhance your knowledge in making websites.

These are the best reason why it is worth to join ClickFunnels. Just visit using the link below and see for yourself!

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