Building Your Website With Thrive Themes

Reasons Why You Need to Join Thrive Themes

Are you one of those people who ever wanted to have an excellent looking website or simply want to make a change, however, didn’t have the technical expertise and knowledge to do it? Then Thrive Themes might be the ideal partner for you.

What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes was established in the early of 2013 by the tech fanatic Paul McCarthy and marketing guru Shane Melaugh. Thrive Themes create conversion-centered themes and plugins for WordPress. Their goal is to offer an ‘all-in-one’ toolbox, which enables you to establish a website and begin converting visitors into customers and subscribers.

Every plugin and theme is accessible to buy separately, or you can join the Thrive Membership Scheme and get unlimited access to all of their plugins and themes. In this article, we will check out what the Thrive Themes has to offer. Thrive Themes has been busy making a way of establishing WordPress websites, which brings wonderful designs into anyone. Their very easy and simple to use drag and drop content builder as well as the wide list of content elements, which aids anyone, make stunning designs with a focus on marketing.

Whether you are a product supplier, service provider, affiliate marketer or just a blogger who prefers to engage with their audience more efficiently, then Thrive Themes could have the perfect tools you are seeking for. In this article, we will discuss the purchase options, but it’s also worth telling that you can purchase their items separately.


  • Automatic image Compression – In case you didn’t know yet, all themes cover automatic image compression. You can simply ditch these image optimization plugins that some of which are premium, which cost extra money to utilize.


  • Easy Page Generator – With Thrive Themes, you can check the boxes of the pages you would want to have automatically created for you and click the GENERATED SELECTED PAGES and you are now off to your race.


  • Built-In Conversion Focus Area – Utilize the excellent built-in conversion focus area to increase your conversions. You can add call-to-actions, opt-in forms, whatever you like to add. You can utilize this to boost your in-content conversions on the mailing list or make use of other given templates to add some call-to-action such as DOWNLOAD OUR REPORT OR BUY THIS WIDGET. Apart from the color options they offer, you can make your own custom design.


  • Engagement Friendly and Mobile Optimized – One of the amazing features of Thrive Themes is that the internet and local businesses were considered with their themes. That being said, you can add a click-to-call phone number, add some countdown times and more to assist your business support visitors to take an action that you prefer. Apart from that, you can rest assured that your themes are mobile optimized. Each theme conducts a wonderful job in showing your website for desktop and mobile users alike. Further, if you take an advantage of the other features like the post shortcode, you will observe that they all respond to small-width and wide width browser settings without any surprises.


  • Other Features to Anticipate
    • Related posts functionality
    • Icon Library – You will utilize to create your own custom list of icons, at the same time import it to your own thrive theme. This denotes that you won’t require a big font file, which will reduce your page load times. You will load your icons you want and create your own custom optimized font, which does not waste any space.
    • Utilizes the conventional WordPress gallery and shows it beautifully.
    • Google fonts are now built into every theme and are accessible for use on the website.


There are many reasons why you need to join Thrive Themes today. Here is the run-down:


One of the best things about joining Thrive Themes is that all members could get access to everything and this includes:

  • Product updates, plugins and future themes of Thrive
  • Lightning-quick support team and forum
  • Helpful tutorials and training
  • Thrive Ultimatum – Plugin that will add scarcity
  • Thrive Headline Optimize – Headline testing tool
  • Thrive Content Builder – WYSIWYG blog editor
  • Thrive Leads – Ultimate lead generation plugin
  • 10 different premium WordPress themes

Apart from that, you’ll also get access to webinar recordings that includes some relevant and important topics. It also offers Clever Widgets plugin that offers you all the access to the widget of your WordPress blog.


If you are having a hard time installing a theme or you cannot get it to run properly, there’s no need to worry. No matter concerns or queries you have with their Thrive Themes product, rest assured that you could easily go to their member’s forum anytime you want, make a new thread and discuss your issues.

In just a matter of minutes, one of their support team staff will come to present you with assistance. Oftentimes, they will even conduct the fixing for you. If you are not the distrustful person, you can also present them your own WP login information and they will fix whatever is wrong with your Thrive Themes product.


Another wonderful innovation when it comes to the team of Thrive Themes is its clever widgets. Certain there are some plugins, which do the same; however, it shows how effective it is. As an alternative of showing the same stuff on the same page, this makes more sense to display targeted content to your audience. That denotes content, which is far more likely to sell and convert.

  • Guides or posts you have, which are more particular
  • Ads, which sell products related to the existing specific
  • Optin boxes in the sidebar, which connect to the existing blog posts


Compared to most companies in the WordPress plugin and theme industry, Thrive Theme offers you with excellent tutorials and training on how to make use of their products. They even offer mini-tutorials, which explain how to make use of their items. Further, their official website is loaded with training.


Did you know that you could make your business website as complicated or simple as you would want it? Because they have created their themes to be efficient and fast, they might not have many flashy design elements, which you mostly see on the web. When there are particular features you’ve seen on someone else’s site, you can add that to you; however, you need to ask yourself if that design will lead your website visitors to what action it’s you’re driving them to.

You need to ensure that you visit its theme demo pages to get some idea of which one will suit the feel and look of your business. Whatever you pick for your online business, bear in mind that you should make it your own. A lot of people let down easily when they see a WordPress theme demo on the website of the developer and add it to their own just to see that it doesn’t look the same.

Here are some of the amazing Thrive Themes you can use:

  • Rise Theme – If you want to establish a website directed on online marketing, this theme can help you meet your goals because this was made in collaboration along with an affiliate marketer who understands a thing or two regarding online marketing. This features a stunning landing page, stunning homepage, grid-based blog portion, as well as email subscription option. Plus, you can add more pages based on your own needs.


  • Voice Theme – For those bloggers who want a remarkable, yet clean site, they’ll find Voice Theme as an ideal match to their necessities. This very responsive and mobile-friendly theme has a vertical menu without a header design for an enhanced emphasis on the content. Some key features consist of automatic page generator, theme options, visual customizer, and fast loading among others.


  • Squared Theme – On the other hand, the Squared Theme appeals to each online marketer who wants to search for a powerful and professional loaded with features. The design is always customizable, responsible and SEO friendly as well. You can make attractive landing pages and sales page through this time and this comes with an email opt-in feature for your e-commerce business.


  • Pressive Theme – Business owners, bloggers, and affiliate marketers will absolutely love this theme, which features a professional theme. The same with other themes, it’s mobile responsive, which comes with six color themes to suit the style you like. Changing the color of shortcodes and widget is quite simple as well. There are also other crucial features that are included like catchy grid layout, visual customizer, customizable headers and theme options panel


The Headline Optimizer is one of those WordPress plugin, which is actually effective. With the help of this plugin, you are able to test different headlines against each other inside the WordPress post editor. You could make a lot of headline variations as you like and discover which ones will get the most clicks or engagement. It also has the option to declare the winter after a particular period of time.


This feature is a recent edition a few years ago to Thrive Themes that shows that this company is continuously developing as well. Now, you have some of the amazing social media buttons, which are made right into the themes. Thus, there’s no need for you to have a separate social media plugin. Further, these buttons have already been designed to be head and shoulders from the most current plugins available in the market today.

Rest assured that these buttons are made to suit your themes and will not just look like random buttons connected to your website the same with many share buttons. They also load fast because they don’t wait for social media platforms to finish the loading. It’s made to get more shares when the user scrolls drawing attention and ultimately, they have a more particular image, title, and description so the social share is always optimized.


Perhaps everybody wishes to show related posts at the end of their own blog posts in order to get more people read content on their site. It’s an excellent idea; however, these plugins sometimes slow down the site significantly as they need to do so much work like database queries if you like to get technical. You will find some that are intense, which people often protest of slow websites or they’re banned by particular web hosting companies.

The good news is, with Thrive Themes, this issue has been fixed. They even provide two areas of related posts, so you can choose how you wish it to work either advanced related posts or simple category-based related posts. Normally, these advanced related posts are quite slow; however, Thrive Themes solve this concern by measuring related posts every time you make or save the post. This denotes saving a bit slower, yet the benefits are big.


The majority of people balk at recurring the costs for a very long time. It may be difficult to wrap your head around paying for around $228 every year. You must keep in mind that you’re able to get access to all their themes, plugins and future plugins are you are a certified paying member of their program. Moreover, Thrive Themes listen to the feedback of their users to establish products, which will work for an online business of people and which is at all times reassuring.

To sum up, Thrive Themes provides functional and amazing themes as well as stunning WordPress website builder along with drag-and-drop features and many loads of extra components to improve any functionality of a website. Thrive Themes concentrates on making efficient websites, which convert visits to sales that is perhaps your focus as well.

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