What Is A Sales Funnel And Why Do You Need One?

A sales funnel is literally the most integral part of any online business. It's the nucleus to your entire operation. A sales funnel has a purpose. That purpose is to take a visitor step-by-step until the visitor is either on your email list, or the visitor generated a sale or both!

sales funnel

In a sales funnel, you can have multiple parts to it... let me explain. The first step in a basic email optin sales funnel is to engage the visitor. You want to peak the interest of the visitor and have something of "value" that you can give the visitor in exchange for their email address. Upon submission of their email address, you can send them their free gift or download, or e-book...etc.

Now you have their email address and they are pushed to the next page in your funnel. That next page is...your thank you page. This an example of the most simple and yet maybe most effective funnel for building an email list.

Expanding to multiple parts as I said earlier could be in the form of adding one time offers, up-sells, and down-sells, throughout your sales funnel.

"Generate leads, build an email list, have a relationship with your audience, generate sales, and provide yourself with a streamlined business model that can be scaled appropriately as you continue to grow your online business. "

A quick example of this would be in a scenario where your visitor comes to your site, is interested in your offer that you have on your landing page, and decides to opt in to receive your free gift of value. After giving you their email and moving to the thank you page, they move past the thank you page where they now have your free gift. You could have them move to your O.T.O. page or "One Time Offer" page and try to upsell them on something. Then if that person declines you can try to down sell them on a discounted item they might enjoy.

This is only slightly more advanced, however, it is still simple.

In short, sales funnels are funnels of 3 to 5 pages (give or take) that you need in your business to generate leads, build an email list, have a relationship with your audience, generate sales, and provide you with a streamlined business model that can be scaled appropriately as you continue to grow your online business.

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