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Do you already have great ideas about why it is perfect for you to use email marketing as part of your business strategy?

Deciding which marketing strategy you are going to invest in is always a tough decision to make. Apart from you need to attract a new set of customers while keeping the existing clients, you also need to focus on your time. Good thing, email marketing offers an efficient solution that can give your business the power to reach more customers right exactly in one place – their inbox.

Through email marketing, it is easier for you to build credibility. Remember, people usually do a business with people or company they know and trust. And email marketing can give you the ability to establish your credibility in a wider range by sharing informative content.

Email marketing serves to be one of the easiest ways to reach people where you can get an immediate response. This strategy is ideal especially if you are aiming to boost your sales and make it possible by consistently communicating with your customers. Also, this can result in strengthening customer relationships.

AWeber can give you an idea about the metrics that are effective to use in order to figure out how your emails perform. As a result, you become a more flexible and smarter marketer while providing an edge for a better understanding of the needs and wants of your customers.

And, to make sure that you will be able to completely experience the advantages of email marketing, you need the help of the leading email marketing solution – the AWeber.


AWeber is considered as one of the leading email marketing solutions that give every marketer or business owner to open new opportunities. It can provide you a flexible way to manage your contacts and then create custom email templates. It effectively helps you simplify the process for creating different email marketing campaigns so that they can be more attractive and creative.

When it comes to features and pricing, AWeber offers you annual, quarterly, month-to-month plans for you to find the ideal plan that suits your requirements. It offers a free trial for 30 days and already expanded the auto-responder options.  Its feature called the Legacy Followup Messages allows you to send the series of messages to the new subscribers.

AWeber also offers a feature called the Campaigns enables you to send auto-responder in several ways according to day, time and subscriber behavior. It can give you the freedom to pause and stop the auto-responder to anytime you want. By means of campaign tracking, you will be able to determine the subscriber status within your email follow-up series as well as the cause for unsubscribing.

Whenever you are creating a campaign, AWeber can treat emails in a unique manner. It offers you several processes in creating the Follow-up Series. Here, the follow-up emails will be sent automatically every time that the new user was added. And, the Blog Broadcast will grab the post from the blog and then compile them into the newsletter form. Also, you can create a customized email template with the help of Email Template Manager.AWeber Email Marketing

AWeber Email Marketing

Why Do I Recommend AWeber?

Whenever you are looking for an easy way to create, manage and customize your email marketing, AWeber serves to be the best solution for you. And here’s why:


Now, with the help of AWeber, you don’t need to get frustrated in designing the opt-in forms by yourself. It offers you a wide selection of templates and feels free to create your own. This email marketing solution gives you the opportunity to grow your email list effortlessly.

AWeber helps you to monitor your subscribers from your websites, Facebook page, blog posts, in-person events or to anywhere your audience stays. So, you can save yourself from frustration regarding your email list since you can now reach more customers.


Through live chat, unlimited phone, and email, you can ask for help at any time through their dependable customer support. Whenever you need their support, you rest assured that you will be provided with the appropriate solutions.


Do you find it hard to turn your subscribers or site visitors to be the buying customers? AWeber can help you solve the problem. It offers you the use of autoresponders in sending welcome emails, email courses, sequences for product launch and much more even while you are at home.

If you plan to improve your engagement or open rates, simply tag the subscribers in order to schedule emails and send more relevant emails. That way you can effectively hit their inbox and capture their interests.AWeber Email Marketing


In order for you to keep a close relationship with your customers, you need to update them from time to time about your latest offerings. This is made possible through product promos and newsletters. Through their mobile-ready templates, it is easier for you to send the email newsletters into your list.

Also, AWeber’s blog broadcast can extend the reach of your blog by means of automatic conversion of the latest posts into your emails. You can even schedule the broadcasts so that you can immediately send them after publishing.


There are plenty of ways in order for you to successfully grow your business. With the help of analytics and reports, you can effortlessly track the engagement such as opens, bounces, clicks, sales, complaints and more. By means of this insight, it is now easier for you to make your goals into reality.

Email marketing will always give you a lot of reasons and ways to stay on the edge of the competition. And for a complete experience, you need AWeber by your side. This email marketing solution simply offers you a lot of features and advantages while helping you save and money.

AWeber is definitely among the leading email marketing solutions that can help you with all your business goals. Also, it gives you the ability to create a new set of opportunities.

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