Zero Up 2.0™ By Fred Lam [Review]

Zero Up 2.0™ Zero Up 2.0: Why You Should Be Using It

“Zero Up 2.0™ Is An Ultimate e-Commerce AUTOMATION Software Solution That Everyone Said Was Impossible. It’s built for beginners and advanced marketers to build their store with a few clicks and drastically increase their sales with our proven software suite! We have countless case studies including several top students earning 7-figures all thanks to Zero Up 2.0™.” – Fred Lam

Product: Zero Up 2.0™

Price: $1497

Creator: Fred Lam

Availability: October 5th

Refund Policy: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For many of you who have experienced the headaches of e-commerce, and trying to set up a million-dollar Shopify store like many of these gurus try to explain to you. As clear cut as many of them make it seem, it’s actually hard work. It’s going to take work to be a huge success online. However, when you have the right mindset and the right tools set in front of you, you would be surprised at how you can turn a small niche website or sales funnel into a money-making business. Zero Up is one of those tools that can not only streamline all the “hard stuff” that goes into creating an online e-commerce business. But automate your whole experience.

What is ‘Zero Up 2.0’ and How It Changed The Way I Do E-Commerce

Zero Up’s sole purpose is to give you a completely automated e-commerce store so that you can focus on all the money making such as bringing traffic to your store. Zero Up is a user-friendly e-commerce app that can help you to build, scale and grow your business. I had experience of 5 years in the same field so it was a lot easier for me to handle this app but I feel that its interactive panel can assist everyone, even those who have least technical skills in this field. What I love the most about Zero Up is its fully integrated platform that is linked to Shopify and AliExpress; so it was pretty easy for me to list hundreds of products on my online store. Other than this, well synchronized 11 email auto-responders made it quite easier for me to run the email marketing campaigns. I was able to control everything just with few clicks of the mouse and soon it started working like a profit multiplier by creating a stronger customer base for my online business. Sometimes I found things a little difficult on my journey, but the Zero Up Fred Lam training program helped me to manage everything with ease. Fred Lam the creator of Zero Up even makes himself 100% available to his students. It was a lot easier to start with a few clicks of the mouse and amazingly, my online store on Shopify became functional even within 5 minutes. I just picked my favorite products from AliExpress and listed them on my online store. Zero Up also allowed me to customize few settings as per my choice and once I was done with it, this Zero Up Ecommerce Software handled everything else. On the same day, I started my business online and I was quite excited about it. After all, now I was working for my store, my business and I was managing as per my choice. Check out the amazing features of Zero Up. Keep reading below; it is really interesting!

Incredible Features of Zero Up 2.0:

  • The feature-rich but interactive user platform of Zero Up app allows users to create their Shopify store instantly. You can make it functional even within 5 minutes.
  • It is fully integrated with AliExpress; I felt like I could highlight millions of products from China on my store and the best thing to know is that they were offering great profit margins. You can literally turn China into your own store. By just clicks of a button, you can instantly have your product listed on your Shopify store.
  • Of course, I thought how would I handle the sales process and order delivery. But Zero Up again brought a big smile on my face with its 100% automatic sales handling ability. As soon as the online Shopify store gets a sale, this app automatically does all the formalities. Drop shipping and fulfillment are now 100% automated only with Zero Up.
  • The well-integrated autoresponder platforms made marketing task much easier for me.
  • Zero Up created a healthy and trustworthy customer base for my store with its profit multiplier feature. The video popups, coupons, as well as customized HTML, everything was perfectly managed by this app to keep customers satisfied all the time.
  • With Zero Up, it was a lot easier for me to develop sales funnels and customized landing pages. The easy to handle drag and drop sales funnel builder feature made everything simple.

What did I like the most?

  • I love the interactive design of this app.
  • The automatic email integration ability is quite useful.
  • There is no need to download and install anything, this app is hosted on the cloud and it works online via your web browser.
  • The 100% automated order fulfillment of my products is worth its weight in gold just by itself so that is a feature I’m probably happiest about.
  • The 8 training modules included with the product are quite useful to get deep insights about how to manage a store online.
  • It keeps on offering amazing ad creation ideas and can also manage the landing pages very well.

What Don’t I like?

  • The sad part is that it works only when your internet is up otherwise you cannot access the program and your store as well.

What is my Recommendation?

I am happy to say that Zero Up helped me to boost my earnings by a great amount and it allowed me to handle everything from home. After having a great experience with this amazing e-Commerce app, I would love to recommend it to everyone who has a dream to set up your own e-commerce business. Some of you may look at the price and it may be a little steep for you, and I thought the same thing. However, once you realize this is a COMPLETELY automated software suite, that not only can add products, streamline advertising, handle email marketing, and has an easy drag and drop sales funnel builder, plus the automated order fulfillment software. It literally handles your e-commerce store for you and allows you to scale your business easily. And I guess, with its 30-day full money back guarantee, there is nothing wrong to at least give it a try. It is the right time to build your own e-commerce store online with Zero Up. For the action takers if you are looking to kick start your online business and have decided that you want to finally make money online! Be sure to sign up below to access Fred Lam’s free step by step 10-part video training course he has made in preparation for people getting started with Zero Up.

Bonuses Included With Zero Up 2.0 Include:

Instant Access to Zero Up™ Lab

Receive instant access to the most comprehensive and powerful e-commerce automation tool. With Zero Up™ you can build an e-commerce store with little to no previous experience. Launch your first store with just a few clicks of a button.

BONUS #1: Zero Up™ Masters Program

Watch over Fred’s shoulders as he breaks down his proven 5-step system into 8 comprehensive training modules that will help you launch a foolproof and profitable e-commerce business starting from zero knowledge and experience. Learn as Fred hands over the EXACT blueprint he used to build and scale his several multi million-dollar businesses!

BONUS #2: Top 100 Fastest Selling Products

Discover the TOP 100 hot-selling products in your market with Facebook targeting ideas all researched for you! We did the grunt work for you. You just have to focus on the advertising!

BONUS #3: Traffic Genius: Blueprint To Attracting Buyers

Become a traffic expert with Fred! Learn step-by-step on how to get targeted traffic from Facebook, Bing, Google and more for just pennies on the dollar. Discover the proven optimization strategies to scale your business!

BONUS #4: Starting From Zero Boot Camp

The best way to learn is by asking questions. This is why we have weekly Q&A sessions, where you can ask Fred anything about your business LIVE. He will also act as your personal consultant to review your business and make sure you’re on track! Not only that, get access to our private Facebook community where you can interact with other fellow members to learn and succeed together!

BONUS #5: The Concierge Program: Personal Coaching

If you follow the 5-step system to the T, there is hardly any way you cannot get your business to work. However, we want to eliminate any risks, hesitations, and doubts that you may have about our program or even yourself by offering a helping hand. If within 60 days of launching your business and you couldn’t make a SINGLE sale, we will personally review your business and provide you with recommendations to make your 1st sale online!


Get behind-the-scene into Fred’s new 7-figure venture in 2017 to compete against leading-retailers. Plus, expand your store selection with our fully researched product reports! Each month for one full year, you will receive a list of 50 best-selling products in the market with Facebook targeting ideas all handed to you! We want to save you time and energy so that you can focus on optimizing your store!

P.S. If you’re having any doubts about starting an e-commerce business imagine how much of a headache it might be WITHOUT the Zero Up Lab Review. Automate your business and build an empire today. You won’t be sorry. P.P.S With the 30-day full money back guarantee you literally have nothing to lose. A million-dollar business could simply be a click away…

Elijah Roberson